In the Berkhamsted spotlight

Netball Success at Berkhamsted

September 14, 2023 Berkhamsted Schools Group Season 1 Episode 49
In the Berkhamsted spotlight
Netball Success at Berkhamsted
Show Notes

049 - This is the Berkhamsted Spotlight, the podcast showcasing a remarkable community. Now today we’re getting into sport, in particular Netball. Dani Wates is the outgoing Head of Netball and she’s joined by Dannii Titmuss Morris, the incoming Head of Netball who is also a former Netball Superleague coach. And then we also have Louise Travis, she’s a parent in the school community who is an international netball umpire and she recently umpired at the Netball World Cup in South Africa. So we have quite a team here today!

I get to ask them all about what Netball looks like at Berkhamsted, we hear about some recent successes, how each of them got into netball when they were younger and the importance of being an inspirational teacher.

That’s all coming up in this episode so let’s not waste anymore time but instead come with me as we speak to Dani Wates, Dannii Titmuss Morris and Louise Travis.

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