In the Berkhamsted spotlight

Unpacking Music at Berkhamsted

January 26, 2022 Steph Gunary, Malcolm Melling, Ben Noithip Season 1 Episode 26
In the Berkhamsted spotlight
Unpacking Music at Berkhamsted
Show Notes

#026 - Remarkable community indeed. In this episode of the Berkhamsted Spotlight we’re jumping into the music department. This means we get the chance to speak to Steph Gunary, Director of Performing Arts Development, Ben Noithip, Head of Solo performance and Malcolm Melling, Head of Ensembles. 

And what a team they are! 

We hear all about solo concerts, the visiting music specialist teachers, what it’s like playing in groups, the junior orchestra, the choir rehearsals on Tuesdays and what they’re currently singing. And then we get to hear how music features as part of the curriculum and the skills the students learn from music to help them into the future. 

Now this episode is a smidge longer than normal but I think you’ll find it’s worth it. So come with me now as we dive into the world of music at Berkhamsted with Steph, Ben and Malcolm. 

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